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At the point of death, your Etheric Body (also called the Etheric Double, Energy Body or Body of Prana) will dislocate from your Physical Body and rise out it as your life energy (Prana), for which this body is a network, withdraws. All your non-physical principles or bodies are enclosed in the Etheric Body which acts as an Etheric Envelope. Although we canít perceive it, the Etheric Envelope is actually physical. The Etheric Body is also known as the Etheric Double because it looks like you do. This is a function of the Model Body

(Sanskrit term Linga Sarira) which act as a template.


The Etheric Body and accompanying principles will at first be connected by a lifeline to your Physical Body and this is often described as a silver chord. The chord will break and this will leave your Physical Body without life energy and irrevocably separated from your non-physical principles. From the physical point of view, you are now dead.


However from your point of view events continue. A review of the life just lived will have begun as your Etheric Body dislocated and this will continue. The review is objective and comprehensive and there is an awareness of the effect your life has had on others.


There is now a brief period of unconsciousness from which you awake with your non-physical principles encased in the now moribund Etheric Envelope.


The Death Struggle


Your non-physical principles must now break free from the Etheric Envelope. This usually happens within a few hours but for anyone who canít accept death and canít let go of the idea of life, it can take weeks.


Kama Loka


O.K. so now youíre out of the Etheric Envelope and clear of the physical plane.


You are in Kama Loka or the desire realm which is on the Astral Plane of nature. The attributes of your last physical life will now dissolve as you move up to the highest level of the Astral Plane.

The experience of your last life will be distilled and assimilated and another review will take place by your Reincarnating Ego


Itís not always that simple


It is possible to be trapped on the lower levels of the Astral Plane depending on the life just lived or an inability to let go of physical attachments. These levels can be a hell of your own making but unlike the Christian Hell, it is not eternal damnation and you will rise out of it eventually.


Cravings come with you


Cravings addictions and anger can come with you into Kama Loka and these have to burn out which may take time. You can experience emotion and think when you first enter Kama Loka because your Desire and Rational Mind Principle come with you. You may badly need a cigarette but you have no body to smoke it with.



The Second Death


The essence of the experience of your past life is now ready to be carried forward by your Reincarnating Ego.


You now experience the second death as you go into the state of bliss known as Devachan. This is a bit like the Christian concept of Heaven except that it doesnít last forever. Devachan is a state not a place.


In Devachan all positive aspirations from the last physical life will be realized but to reap the benefits of this, you must have laid the groundwork in physical life.


The Devachanic experience will run its course and you will have to come back into physical incarnation. You do get some choice about the sort of person you will be and the circumstances of your rebirth.


So there you have it, a brief run through of Death to Rebirth and itís certainly a full programme of events.




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