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Firstly, our Jo Bloggs is a purely fictitious character created for the purposes of this web page. Any resemblance to any real person living or in between lives is purely coincidental.


Jo Bloggs is a regular guy with a physical body that everybody recognizes and a personality that enable to deal with life. When he eventually leaves that physical world, hopefully at the end of a long enjoyable life, he will go through a series of inter life phases and then be reborn. He won’t however come back as Jo Bloggs and it is unlikely that he will even remember being Jo Bloggs. He may even be a Mongolian milkman or return as female. What is it then that carries the link between incarnations?


To begin to answer this question, let’s look at a thing that Theosophists call the Constitution of Man.


And this is it;


Man has seven principles, sometime referred to as bodies.


These are


Atma – The piece of the divine in everybody


Buddhi – Our individual spiritual identity


Manas – The Mind principle divided into higher – spiritual ideals and lower – concrete and rational thought.


Atma, Buddhi and higher Manas form the immortal part of man. The four principles below are dumped at the end of you physical life and you get new ones for next time.


Kama – The desire principle


Prana – The life energy principle


Linga Sharira – The model body or template for your physical body


Sthula Sharira – Physical body – we are all familiar with this one.




So there we have the constitution of man and as you will appreciate, the only principle or body that we regard as real in everyday life is the Physical Body.


At the end of physical life (aka Death) we lose the physical body and we are dead for all practical purposes.


Soon after death we loose the Etheric Body which has provided a network for our Life Energy Principle during life (Prana). The principles above this sometimes struggle to break free from the remnant of this energy web.


The remaining principles then go into what is known as Kama Loka or the Desire realm and over time, the Desire Principle and Lower Mind (concrete and rational) Principle dissolve. These two principles provide the basis for the personality.


At the end of this process, we are left with an assimilation of the experience of the last life which is reviewed by the remaining higher principles which are Atma, Buddhi and Manas (Higher Mind).


These three higher principles form the immortal part of man and will continue into the next life. This combination is known as the Reincarnating Ego and it is this which will carry Jo Bloggs’s individual entity into his next life. Jo himself has dissolved and a distilled essence of his life experience is carried forward.


This will be covered in other articles but just to keep you in the picture, the process doesn’t end with the dissolution of the lower principles. The Reincarnating Ego carries on into what is known as Devachan which is a state of bliss in which positive life aspirations are realized. Then it’s time to go back to earth but you do get some choice about your next birth.



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