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Kama, Kama Loka,

Kama Rupa, Kama Manas

Posted 19/3/07



All these terms are Sanskrit




The word means desire and used in Theosophy to denote the desire or motivating principle in the sevenfold constitution of man.


Kama Loka


This is literally the Desire World or Spirit Realm, which forms the first phase of the after death states in which our last life personality and attachments to the physical world dissolve before entry into the heaven world of Devachan.


Kama Loka is also referred to as the Astral Plane. of which there are seven progressively less dense levels through which the reincarnating ego will rise.


Kama Rupa


This is the Desire Body which is created by the Desire Principle in the sevenfold constitution of man. This has to dissolve in Kama Loka to enable progress to Devachan.


In the case of a particularly materialistic person the Desire Body can resist dissolution and hold the ego on the lower levels of the Astral Plane. It will however break down eventually.


Kama Manas


This is a term used in Theosophy to describe the interaction between the lower mind principle (Lower Manas) and the desire principle.


For some people the centre of consciousness is located in Kama Manas with the desire principle having total control over the thought processes.

For others the relationship between mind and desire can be a battlefield but this is an indication that spiritual progress is being made.


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