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Your Etheric Web


If you look after Your Etheric Web then it will look after you.


Everyone has an Etheric Web which is part of their energy body. This Web protects you from influences form the Astral Plane.


Out there on the Astral Plane, there really are some things that you are better off not knowing about such as malevolent discarnate entities and negative thought forms. The lower realms of the Astral Plane are not a sympathetic place and contact with it can be very traumatic. There is no need to worry about any of this as long as your Etheric Web is in Good working order.


Example of things that can damage your Etheric Web are excessive alcohol, drug use, extreme anger and some types of occult practice that involve raising demons.


The good news is that your Etheric Web can heal itself but Iím sure you wonít want to get into the position where thatís needed.




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