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The Seven Rays

Posted 15/2/07



The Seven Rays are an important part of Theosophical teaching. The Seven rays are cosmic intelligences or energies which permeate the universe. Theosophy maintains that all living beings are characterized by one or several of these rays and their qualities.



The Rays and their characteristics


Each of the seven rays is a cosmic intelligence or energy:


1st ray: expresses will or power


2nd ray: expresses love and wisdom


3rd ray: expresses active intelligence


4th ray: expresses beauty or harmony through conflict


5th ray: expresses concrete intelligence or science


6th ray: expresses idealism or devotion


7th ray: expresses order or ceremonial magic



All beings in the universe "belong" to one or several of the seven rays - each individual has a personality ray, a ray of the physical body, a ray of the emotional body, a ray of the mental body, a soul ray and a monadic ray, and thus his spiritual structure is really a mixture of different ray qualities, expressing themselves through his various bodies or vehicles.


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