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Human Stalactites and Stalagmites


Ernest Wood


Extract from

The New Theosophy

Published 1929


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Just for Reference

Stalagmites go up

Stalactites go down


If you have problems remembering this, think of

a ballet dancer standing on an anthill.

The mites go up and the tights come down



I see then two kinds of people about me - those who have the vision of the goal and those who have not. Or rather, as this is a relative matter, those who have a great vision of the goal and those who have so little that they do not know that they have any at all. All these people look to me like the contents of a great limestone cave hollowed out by carbonised water - there are many stalactites hanging from the ceiling and many stalagmites standing upon the

floor. Some people have their broad base above, others their broad base below.

Of those who perceive only the things by the wayside the desires become attached to those things, and their divine energy (for there is no other energy) builds a kind of stalagmite, which, however, cannot help but rise upwards even from that base.


Thousands of people try to get to heaven keeping their feet on the earth.

But the man who is stalactitic is he who is broad-based in his vision of the goal and puts down from above his finger of consciousness, concentrated, purposeful, vigorous, clear-sighted, to deal with this thing or with that thing in the light of his vision of the goal. He has to do with many things, but they are all linked together by his one purpose. Think, for example, of an artist who is filled with the desire to paint a beautiful picture - many things have

something do to with that one purpose. He rests at night - in order to paint that picture. He gets up in the morning - in order to paint that picture. He washes, dresses, eats his breakfast, buys pencils and colors and canvas, goes to the forest - all in order to paint that picture.


Such a man does not depend for his interest on external stimulus or excitement.

He has purpose. But the man who has no desire to understand, but only curiosity (which is desire for sensation), who has no desire for the largeness of life that shows itself by love, who has no purpose, has no concentration. All his divine energy has dripped onto the floor.




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