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Do Me a Favour

After Iím Dead,

Please Donít Call Me Back

With a Sťance

Being called back with a sťance is like being

Knocked out of bed at four oíclock in the morning

To go down five flights of stairs in the freezing cold

in your pyjamas to answer the phone.

And when you pick the phone up you canít hear anything.

Posted 14/3/07


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Going into the after death states or Kama Loka, the individual will find their own level on the astral planes fairly quickly and that will be the point from which they start their movement up through the planes to the second death or state of bliss known as Devachan.

For those who have lived a particularly materialistic life or have developed negative characteristics, this movement up through the divisions as material attributes dissolve can be a long hard slog. Most of us will make steady but sometimes difficult progress.

As one moves up the astral levels, the material aspects of the previous life personality dissolve to allow this upward progress. Unfortunately some residue of material attachment may remain for a time.

When a sťance is conducted, it acts as a magnet drawing the individual back toward the physical plane. If the individual has progressed beyond a certain level then they will be beyond reach and not be affected. On the other hand for someone on the lower levels of the astral plane or higher up and still with some residue of material attachment, the result is that they will be drawn back to the astral level closest to the physical. This is unpleasant and they wonít appreciate it.

Not only do sťances tend to traumatize some of those in Kama Loka, but no actual direct contact is usually made on either side. Although in exceptional cases there can be contact between those on the physical plane and those in Kama Loka (not always benign) those present at a sťance will pick up an imprint of the old personality from the astral plane. This can be impressive and sometimes questions may be answered or at least appear to be.

If not beyond reach, the individual in Kama Loka will certainly know that someone is trying to contact them and may have an impression of who it is. As soon as the pull of the sťance ceases, the individual moves quickly back to their appropriate position.

Intense and prolonged grief can also have the effect of drawing an individual back toward the physical plane.

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